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Buy, Fix, Flip, Rent, Repeat

Our Mission Is Simple...Sort Of.

At Prime Property Group, our mission is to revitalize and improve communities by identifying distressed homes that pose a hindrance to the neighborhood’s well-being and transforming them into attractive, valuable assets. 

We are dedicated to the continuing rejuvenation of neighborhoods in Central Florida through thoughtful renovation projects. Our commitment extends beyond property development; we aim to provide positive change by enhancing the overall living experience for local residents. By adding value and equity to neglected properties, we contribute to the economic growth of the city and create housing opportunities for local buyers. In a city with a limited housing supply, we strive to bridge the gap between demand and availability, offering accessibility to quality homes. 

Through our work, we aspire to be catalysts for positive community development, making a lasting impact around Central Florida.

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Timing Is Everything

“Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait"

Getting involved in the Orlando real estate market in 2010 was about as backwards of timing as it gets, however it provided a unique experience to see the market have a complete turnaround and what areas, and types of properties showed the greatest potential.

Off-Market Property Flips & Rentals

Real Experience

There are countless books, videos and tutorials available on how to flip, or invest in properties however most of them are broadly focused on textbook ideas rather than real world implementation. If you're looking to invest in the Orlando market, contact me now for a No B.S. approach to real estate.